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Fairsew believes that fashion can be beautiful without the human or environmental costs. Fairsew is an ethical garment manufacturer that provides a transparent and quality service without compromising a fair and safe work environment. Their ethos is centred in proving that fair fashion can be high quality, profitable, environmentally conscious, and have a positive social impact for everyone in the supply chain. Fairsew is what the fashion industry needs and deserves: a professional, transparent, and quality manufacturer.

Morning June

Morning June was an official distributor of many French handmade jewelry designer in Singapore. When the lovely Jessica from Morning June left Singapore for good, we got the opportunity to showcase and sell the gorgeous porcelain jewelry Nach Bijoux. We are very thankful for this interesting, fun collaboration.

L & C Design

L and C stands for Livia and C├Ącilia.
These two Swiss gals found their love and eye for beautiful and unique jewelry early on. Their bracelets are the perfect addition to our colorful, luminous fashion.
Was started as a fun idea became a great cooperation which we highly appreciate.