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About afterglow

& Lah!

Afterglow is a boutique fashion label. A lot of the inspiration for our designs stem from the daily life in Singapore: that can be tropical plants, the heat, the sea, a view…  
But, as we also spend time in Switzerland certain pieces were designed there; so we get inspired also by cows and chocolate obviously.

unique and beautiful

You will be surprised!

We produce in very small numbers. Usually there is one or two pieces per design and fabric. So, no worries, your friend or neighbor won’t have the same dress. We at Afterglow think every woman is beautiful and unique; exactly as are our designs. To take away any hint of body shaming we at Afterglow decided from the very beginning that there would be no sizes, no Small and Large. Just simply beautiful designs, in One Size, that do fit almost every size and shape. But not only do we have a love for fashion, we are also enthusiastic about accessories. Our unique bags, belts and more will conquer your heart in an instant.

About our promises

High-Quality Products

We follow a strict process, whereby we ensure the production of high-quality products. All our items, be it fashion or accessories, are made by hand without the use of large-scale factories. This makes every product unique and special. Using natural materials, every item is produced considering and limiting the environmental effects.

Customers First

Our first priority is always the customer: we aim to deliver quickly, always keeping in mind though, that our products are not mass-produced. So, there may be a wait sometimes. We hope for your understanding in this matter. Always remember: slow fashion is good fashion.

Our Collection

unique, funny-sounding Swiss names.

All our designs carry some tropical Singapore impressions, as well as some fresh Swiss influences. The obvious tropical influences are especially the luminous, colorful fabrics that we love. A typical Swiss treat might be the practicality of the designs. Not only do our cloths look beautiful, they are also comfy and practicable. But the most obvious “Swissness” that distinguishes our cloths are the names of the designs. Yes, we name our designs. And yes, they all have got unique, funny-sounding Swiss names. But next to Singapore and Switzerland, there is a third important country: Cambodia; this is where our designs get manufactured. We are very happy to have found Fairsew as a great partner.
Blouse Mimösli
dress Rütli
dress Leuemüli - belt Limmat


About Rachel

She definitely has fashion under her skin: before she could speak, she was already choosing her stockings to match her skirt. As a teenager she dressed up and adapted her grandfather’s clothes with cords and belts. Together with her brother she cut out scraps of fabric and sewed clothes for their dolls by hand.

When she became a dressmaker, the world of fashion design and the magic of Paris opened up to her. Her dream? One day to create her own collection.

Everyday life decides differently, Rachel explores the world of fashion by going through every imaginable stage. After a stint in gastronomy, she finds herself in the world of luxury which broadens her knowledge.

In 2016 Rachel followed her husband to Singapore and there a new horizon opened to her full of vibrant colors, shimmering fabrics, atmosphere and scents. This melting pot of cultures led her to finally launch her own collection “Frangipanee”. Which will become Afterglow-fashion thanks to her partnership with Manuela, in February 2020. Rachel is a swiss professional fashion designer from LISAA in Paris, Swiss Master as a textile specialist and Haute Couture dressmaker.

The play of colours, the feeling of the fabrics, the fluidity of the textile, the fall of the garment,

the trans-formation from pattern to finished clothing, that's what fascinates her!


About Manuela

Manuela is one of those very few expats who has spent half her life in Singapore. She arrived on this unique island as a very young mother and wife, with absolutely no prejudice or opinion about Singapore. To be young and innocent is actually a blessing in disguise. It took Manuela only a very short while to feel completely at home and accustomed in her new world.
From the very beginning she embraced the life amongst many different cultures and ethnic groups. Being a mother of three, she got involved in the daily school life; being responsible for the school library, organizing reading afternoons and inviting authors to inspire the students. The older her kids got the more Manuela felt she wanted to do something else, not kids or school related.

Manuela has had a love of beautiful, natural fabrics and materials from a young age. Even as a young girl she used to crochet dresses for her dolls

and later on she trans-formed old military shirts from her father into simple dresses.

And in spring 2017 it happened: Manuela founded the brand Wool Craft (felted soft furnishings) after a holiday in Capetown where she stumbled upon the beautiful designs of Krafthaus.

When Manuela and Rachel decided to work together as Afterglow, it just was right. The step from two small brands to one great brand felt natural.